Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Flotsam and Jetsam

Miscellaneous thoughts and observations.

So the Red Sox have signed AJ Pierzynski to a one-year deal. This feels a lot like when the Boston Bruins acquired Ken "the rat" Linseman. Will be tough rooting for AJ... Jesse Owens' Gold Medal from 1936 Berlin Olympics up for auction... The Nationals were lucky to get Doug Fister for almost nothing. As lucky as an average guy who happens to be in the right place at the right time when a super model decides she needs to have revenge sex... Vintage advertisements that weren't exactly politically correct... The BBWAA needed 4 tries to elect Rogers Hornsby to the Hall of Fame. Very, very flawed process... 19 shocking facts about Detroit's bankruptcy... Jarrod Saltalamaccia was a solid player and top shelf person during his time in Boston. I wish him nothing but the best with his new team. Godspeed Salty...  I think this idea was written only half in jest. I think it would actually work. Why not naming rights for sections of the newspaper?... Funny how some people who think it is wrong to lie to kids about Santa and the Easter Bunny still hold fast to the idea that Obamacare is actually a workable solution... Glorious! Dropping a red hot nickel ball onto various things. I love the Internets!... All the baseball Hall of Fame debates are petty compared to the injustice of KISS not being in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame...


  1. It is easy to look back at the early Hall of Fame voting and criticize. However, one should keep in mind that when the process started they had the awesome responsibility to consider every player who ever played. Talk about a crowded ballot! I'm actually surprised the voters were able to reach near unanimous agreement on 5 players in the first go around since 42 players who got votes that first year eventually were elected. Also, Hornsby was still an active player for the first two ballots and I think there was some argument about whether or not to consider active players. Regardless, he was elected less than five years after retiring so I consider him a first ballot guy even if he technically isn't.

  2. Bill - you make good points but you also prove mine. The idea of active players being eligible or of a 5-year waiting period were not thought out before the process began. The voting was flawed from the start and it really has not gotten any better.