Friday, December 13, 2013

Flotsam and Jetsam

Miscellaneous thoughts and observations.

Please - I really hope somebody asked Peyton Manning about his record in cold weather games after last night's loss to the Chargers. Please! Please! Please!... Jacoby Ellsbury took out an ad in the Boston Globe (owned by Red Sox owner John Henry) to thank fans. How come these ads are never taken out in the Boston Herald (which is not owned by Red Sox owner John Henry)... I don't think I'll be seeing Saving Mister Banks anyways but knowing its a bunch of crap is even more reason to stay away... The Internet Map - cannot find A Large Regular on here - so obviously the map is incomplete...Confession - I have never seen any of the Home Alone movies (and have no plans to do so)...  LBJ in the White House pool. I love photos like this... Having a giant Yankees sticker on your car or truck is a good way to insure you WON'T be getting out of a ticket if you get pulled over by the State Police on the Mass Pike... Shaolin Kung Fu Monks... I just find the sound of the word "burgled" amusing. I keep thinking it sounds like something the Urban Dictionary would define as a BJ in the snow or cold, "She burgled me in the ski gondola!"... MacBrown O'Texas would be a great name for a cartoon character...

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