Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Flotsam and Jetsam

Miscellaneous thoughts and observations.

Democratic Party; Hey Silicon Valley is firmly behind us - what can we do to try and change that? "I know - let's slip an anti-crypto currency rider into the 'Infrastructure Bill' and not allow any amendments to fix that." You're a genius Chumley!... I still believe that NO non-profit or tax exempt organization should be allowed to pay a salary to any executives or employees more than the President of the US (currently about $400,000 a year). So places like Harvard that pays its President about $1.7 million would lose tax-exempt status...  Pfizer CEO cancels Israel visit because he's not fully vaccinated. This seems like bit of a red flag and "I didn't want to jump ahead of the line" also seems like a very weak excuse... Freebird!... I have to wonder how there hasn't been a mutiny against Nancy Pelosi by Democrats in Congress. Seriously! She was already heading many of the House members towards election losses in 2022 and now she jeopardizes the Infrastructure Bill by allowing the Crypto Rider - something very few if any politicians understand in the first place. She's unwittingly mobilizing many formerly non-political, tech-savvy, rich people into Single Issue voters. And probably right into the arms of the Republicans too. How is that good leadership?... This guy is spitting fire (and truth). I want a copy of that thumb drive... 


  1. 22 links that were on the thumb drive are here as well as a transcript of Dr. Stock's presentation:

  2. Thanks for what you do - you are a daily read for me.

  3. Thanks again - this time for the kind words.