Monday, August 30, 2021

Flotsam and Jetsam

Miscellaneous thoughts and observations.

My prediction - if Sirhan Sirhan is granted parole and released he will make hundreds of thousands of dollars in speaking engagements talking about "his struggle" and the cause of Palestinian freedom to the very groups that once venerated the memory of RFK. A true illustration of the perversion of values... List of books to read before you die... Jarrett Stidham is truly the forgotten man in New England. Last offseason he was the odds on favorite to replace Tom Brady as the Patriots starting QB but then the Pats signed Cam Newton. Then they drafted Mac Jones in the 1st round. Now Stidham is all but forgotten (and probably soon to be cut from the roster or placed on Injured Reserve)... Great observation and life advice from Michael Lewis via his podcast with Tim Ferriss... SpaceX launched another Falcon 9 rocket and Crew Dragon on Sunday with little fanfare or media coverage. A sure sign that SpaceX launches are now getting so commonplace that they are taken for granted. That's a sign of success... 


  1. Stretch7:20 PM

    Sirhan Sirhan will be THE commencement speaker of the 2022 graduation season. I'm sure he'll be on EVERY Sunday morning talk show. Hell, he may even get his very own MSNBC time slot. PBS/NPR producers must be wetting themselves over the chance to have him on the air.

  2. Until he actually speaks on the Sunday shows - then there'll be a lot of cutting to commercials and backtracking. People hoping for "peace, love, dope" will get "Israel must be pushed into the sea."

    If Gov Newsome signs the parole before the recall election - he seals his fate (which is probably already sealed). Larry Elder would never sign it and he should make that a campaign issue.