Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Flotsam and Jetsam

Miscellaneous thoughts and observations.

Just a reminder that a good percentage of your tax dollars go to pay the interest on the National Debt every year. Our National Debt is going through the roof because of all the wasteful spending out of Washington and this will couple with the inflation that is being caused by the mismanagement of the economy by these self-same folks. The amount we US citizens will have to pay on the interest on the national debt is about to skyrocket and this story is seemingly not getting any attention in the media... Noah Smith - Does America really lose all it's wars?  He pegs our post WWII "record" at 15-2-3 and I don't agree with all his assumptions or conclusions (Iraq was never about oil). What fascinated me was I didn't recognize a number of the wars he listed (and I consider myself a pretty historically literate fellow). Operation Beleaguer (1945-49)? Operation Observant Compass (2011-17)? Are some of these really wars?... If I were to start a new religion I'd call it Bill Belichick's Cult of Personality. I think that would be amusing. Wonder if I could get tax-exempt status?... Psychedelic Apples would be a good name for a Grateful Dead or Phish cover band... There is absolutely no Fortune 500 company that would hire either Joe Biden or Nancy Pelosi as CEO yet here they both are running the entire economy. How does that make you feel?...  

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