Monday, August 23, 2021

Flotsam and Jetsam

Miscellaneous thoughts and observations.

 Am I the only one waiting for one of those Hitler in the Bunker videos to come out about the fall of Afghanistan?...  If there are to be vaccine mandates - shouldn't the first three places to be mandated be the entire work forces of Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson? If anyone refuses the vaccine or doesn't get the second "jab" - shouldn't the number of people who opt against it and their reasons also be made public? Even the CEO of Pfizer reportedly hasn't gotten his second stab. If there are real issues with the vaccines these are the folks who would know. Sort of like how Big Tech firm executives won't let their own kids use social media because THEY KNOW... I think it's hard to argue that the country wouldn't be in much better hands if it were either President Tulsi Gabbard or President Trump... The Los Angeles Rams keep losing running backs while the New England Patriots depth chart is stacked. Guessing if everyone remains healthy then the Pats will wind up dealing RB Sony Michael to Rams for a 3rd round pick... If you have trouble dealing with politics these days - try imagining Joe Biden as Frankenberry and Donald Trump as Count Chocula. A dumb, incompetent Frankenberry... Hill I'll die on - a BLT should 100% also count as a breakfast sandwich... 


  1. The claim about the CEO of Pfizer not getting the second dose is from a meme based on false info. Back in March, he had to cancel a planned trip because he hadn't yet received the second dose. He got it a week later.

  2. Bill - one way to look at it is that the CEO of Pfizer didn't get his second dose until it became a major PR issue. His excuse of "didn't want to jump the line" was crap. He may have been reluctant or just lazy but we don't know which.

    How many others at Pfizer or Moderna haven't taken the vaccines? And why? How many have given the vaccine to their own children? These are questions, IMO, that are worth getting answers to.

  3. "Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar."

  4. In modern politics a cigar is often something else - ask Bill Clinton.

    Don't disagree with you but the lack of transparency in our culture has made me very skeptical. Especially of Big Pharma companies making billions off a crisis.