Thursday, December 22, 2022

LBJ and Political Corruption

Interesting post about Lyndon Baines Johnson and how he may have been the model for political corruption today

When Johnson entered Congress, he was dirt poor and obsessed with money. He remained an elected federal official until his term as President ended in 1969 - an unbroken string spanning more than three decades - and yet managed to retire with a fortune that would be valued well in excess of $100 million today.

You could replace the name "Johnson" with the name "Pelosi" and the statement would be equally true today.

Normalization of behavior like Johnson's has led to a continuing debasement of US politics to the point where scandals that would have previously ended careers are now routinely blown off as standard operating procedure.

Well maybe depending on which party the offending elected officials belongs to. You can even sleep with Chinese spies or employ a Chinese spy as your personal driver for years if you're a Democrat.

As the cancer of corruption grows , so too does the government's need to corral the outrage and the activities of ordinary citizens.

That's where the censorship of social media, the drive for a government controlled digital currency and other means of government control comes in. I hope Americans don't stand for it.

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