Sunday, September 26, 2010

Barney Frank's Rally with Bill Clinton

I just wanted to point out something that is obvious to me but may have slipped by Barney Frank's non-sports-loving staff - today's rally with Bill Clinton in Taunton is basically being held at the same time as the Patriots / Bills game in Foxboro.

I can foresee two potential effects from this scheduling issue; first attendance may be down as football fans stay home to watch the game. If there is a small turnout due to the Patriots game then pundits could misread this as weakness for Frank in his re-election efforts. This could be self-inflicted damage for Frank for not being in touch with the issues that matter to constituents - mainly Patriot football on Sunday afternoons trumping political blowhards.

Secondly, there is the matter of traffic to be considered. If people attending the game are inconvenienced by the traffic caused by Bill Clinton and this rally - then those same motorists could vote Republican in November just out of spite. If the last thing an independent remembers about Barney Frank is that he cause an hour-long traffic jam then Barney's not getting that independent's vote.

The Devil is always in the details.

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