Monday, September 27, 2010

Flotsam and Jetsam

Miscellaneous thoughts and observations.

I think President Obama's problems stem from him not being fully understood. I think he should make nightly prime-time speeches so that the American public can get to understand how good the healthcare and stimulus programs are for the poor and middle-class of America. Yeah - that's the ticket!... Looking at Philadelphia's schedule - I think the Eagles are definitely playoff bound and if that's the case then Vick-mania will grow by the week. I don't think Vick can be mistake free in the playoffs though and the Eagles season will likely end with a whimper not a bang... Random Kurt Vonnegut thought for the day - I hope Kim Jong Il has not developed Ice Nine... I wonder how many fantasy football teams have dropped Saints kicker Garrett Hartley.... The Lion King 300 Recut Trailer... Just saying but the Oakland Raiders are 10th in total offense and 4th in defense. They could be a sleeper team - not quite playoff bound but not quite as bad as some may think. This is bad news for the Patriots who hold the Raiders 1st round pick. Unless New England ends up with a marque player like Alabama's Ingram then I think history will show that the Patriots trading Richard Seymour to be the wrong move at the wrong time... Notre Dame is going to KILL Boston College next week. I don't care what the line is - I'm betting the Irish big.... Cool - Stephen Fry Will Portray Mycroft Holmes in Sherlock Holmes 2...

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