Thursday, September 23, 2010

Woody Paige's Suicide Attempt

Long ago I realized that my mind works differently than most people. Let me say that I find no humor in the suicide of anyone but I will say that I had three thoughts after reading Woody Paige's admission that he had contemplated suicide back in 2002. All three thoughts centered around Woody's plan to join the choir invisible:
The last, desperate, despondent, despicable act was all planned out. The Broncos were playing on Sunday, Sept. 15, 2002, against the 49ers. I would fly into San Francisco the day before, drive up to Napa Valley, enjoy a bottle of expensive red wine and check into a nice inn. The next morning I would head over to the coast and swim out in the Pacific Ocean far enough that I couldn't make it back to the beach.

My death would be termed an "accidental drowning," and my family and few friends would be horrified, but spared the humiliation.
Honesty my first thought was, "That's a pretty good plan." I hoped that Woody didn't unintentionally give anyone ideas.

Just after college I went out to California with my then girlfriend (now wife) to visit her aunt and make a wine country pilgrimage. I was most excited by the idea of swimming in the Pacific Ocean. After picking up the rental car at the airport we went due west so that I could take my dip in the ocean. We arrived at a beach just north of San Francisco and I ran directly into the water.

Then I ran out of the water. It was freakin' cold!

My second thought was that water temperature was a flaw in Woody's plan. I didn't think he'd be able to swim anywhere in water that cold.

My final thought was about Australian Prime Minister Harold Holt whose "term as Prime Minister was brought to an early and dramatic end in December 1967 when he disappeared while swimming at Cheviot Beach near Portsea, Victoria, and was presumed drowned." I wondered if old Harold Holt had the same idea as Woody Paige?

As I've said - my mind works differently than most people.

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