Saturday, September 04, 2010

Today's Picks

Here's who I "like" in today's college football action.

Notre Dame -10.5 vs Purdue - I have a bunch of friends who will take ND no matter what. I'll root for the Irish but won't put money on the line unless I think they will win. Brian Kelley is the type of coach who will put the hammer down. It will be two or three weeks until the ND lines get out of hand due to the people who bet them no matter what. Enjoy the 14 point plus victory today.

Texas -31 vs. Rice - Mack Brown wants his team to get the confidence they need and he wants to make a statement. It would be no surprise to see Texas win this game by 50 points.

I'll also be rooting for Connecticut and Boston College but no monetary interest will be involved. As an aside - I might also take the over in the Yankees game today. The wind is supposed to be blowing hard out to right field. Could be a HR fest.

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