Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Flotsam and Jetsam

Miscellaneous thoughts and observations.

Hope everyone had a good long weekend... Michigan plays Notre Dame this Saturday. I cannot recall a time when these two universities played each other as unranked teams... If I'm the Red Sox then I tell David Ortiz that the team will either pick up his 2011 $12.5 million option or give him a 2-year $20 million contract - his choice... ESPN first began broadcasting on this day in 1979... I'm a fan of history but I think the Heisman Trust is making a mistake by taking back Reggie Bush's trophy and leaving the year vacant. You can't tell me that other past Heisman winners didn't get booster cash and gifts. This reminds me of Jose Canseco's MVP award. Some people wanted him stripped of his award because he admitted to steroid use. What about Barry Bonds' awards and other questionable players? Do you strip Canseco and leave it vacant? Give it to second place finisher Mike Greenwell? Baseball is right and just leaving it be and the Heisman Trust would have been wise to have done the same... On this day in 1978 the greatest drummer in Rock and Roll history overdosed and died. Keith Moon - it was always just a matter of time...

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