Tuesday, August 18, 2015

2016 Election Parallels 1968

Hill-Err-Ray, Hill-Err-Ray - How many emails did you release today?
Maybe not as dramatic or as serious a charge (maybe) as;
L-B-J, L-B-J - How many kids did you kill today?
But I keep thinking that 2016 feels a lot like 1968 as far as the Democratic Presidential nominating process is concerned. Hillary Clinton is the presumptive Democratic Party Candidate but as the scandal of her unsecured private email server (among other things) continues a drip drip of bad news she is looking very vulnerable. Bernie Sanders is gaining ground and proving much more popular to the Party's hard left.

In 1968 it was Eugene McCarthy that was the darling of the far left and who eventually forced sitting President Lyndon Johnson from the race. Will Hillary eventually also decide that discretion in dropping out is the better part of valor like Lyndon Baines Johnson decided 47-years ago? In 1968 it was sitting Vice President Hubert Humphrey who eventually carried the Party Standard in the November election but not until after a lot of contentious primaries. Will Joe Biden likewise take on the role of Hubert Humphrey in 2016?

Only half-kidding but who will be the Republican Richard Nixon in 2016?

No matter what happens it will be great theater but my only hope nobody has to play the role of Robert Kennedy.

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