Monday, August 03, 2015

DeflateGate Updates

Here's a roundup of just some of the developments in DeflateGate over the past few days.

- Could Brady case result in a reduction of Goodell's power? Personally I think it will result in Goodell losing his job once the eventual defamation case costs the NFL millions upon millions of dollars.

- Yes the NFL did correct that pretty quick. Which means they didn't want to correct Mortensen's 11 out of 12 balls 2 PSI under regulation report because it served the NFL's purpose of defaming the Patriots (see above).

- NFL's own new procedures on ball handling and now officials saying that sometimes balls just have slow leaks are undermining the Commissioner. If the ice caps eroded as quickly as Goodell's integrity then everyone would believe in Global Warming.

- Keep in mind that the NFL picked the Second Circuit Court. This may prove to be a fatal mistake.

- Robert Kraft is finally taking the gloves off.

- And why did Bob Kraft release the emails?

- And if Mike Kensil was source of Mortensen's false report? He loses his job (along with Goodell).

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