Monday, August 31, 2015

Mount McKinley Now Once Again Mount Denali

President Obama has changed the name of Alaskan peak Mount McKinley back to the original native name of Mount Denali. I've heard the mountain called both all my life which I think is a testament to the name Mount McKinley never fully taking hold. I have no issue whatsoever with the name change back to Mount Denali.

Speaker John Boehner however is not pleased with the name change. Some things are worth fighting for. This is not one of them. Hey Boehner how about spending your time and effort to repeal Obamacare or stop the Iran Deal instead of this fluff.

As for me - I'm just happy that Vladimir Putin hasn't strong-armed Obama into selling Alaska back to Russia (although when he sees what Obama is willing to give away to Iran would you blame Putin if he tried?).


  1. You are correct that there are bigger fights, but Boehner won't fight them either. That doesn't mean this isn't a dick move by the President.

  2. And maybe not a 100% legal move by the President