Sunday, August 02, 2015

Flotsam and Jetsam

Miscellaneous thoughts and observations.

Had to tap out of watching the UFC last night around midnight to go watch live music instead. An overall very disappointing fight card... Six months ago yesterday... The movie Three Days of the Condor was based on the book Six Days of the Condor. Was it reduced to three days because of budget constraints?... Given how he doesn't seem to believe in the Ideal Gas Law - could Roger Goodell be the poster boy for climate change deniers?... Speaking of climate change - one of the biggest factors in climate change is the Earth's magnetic pole shifting from North to South. We still know so very little about the Earth's "magnetic personality" (so let's blame Americans who don't drive Prius' for climate change instead to make us feel better for our ignorance - better yet let's blame Tom Brady)... Holy crap - did the Garland Texas shooter buy one or more of his guns via the Fast and Furious "sting"?... Given how much credibility Chris Mortensen has flushed down the toilet in DeflateGate - someone should start a fake Twitter handle for him and report things like, "Multiple league sources confirm that Roger Goodell was eaten by wolves. And that he was delicious"... How can it be "Ultimate" fighting when biting and kicks or punches to the dick/baby-maker aren't allowed? Wouldn't that be the ultimate in fighting? Truly no holds barred...

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