Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Donald Trump

I find I enjoy politics more these days if I imagine Donald Trump as Count Chocula and Joe Biden as Frankenberry. To follow through on the analogy - I think it would be cool if instead of Trump's Apprentice program there was instead The Next Renfeld where people competed to be Donald "Count Chocula" Trump's new crazy, bug-eating assistant.

Is it me or is it strange that Donald Trump not only has his own IMDB page but it has lots of credits. He's been on things as varied as The Jeffersons, Spin City and Zoolander where he's credited as an actor (some would argue that his running for President as a Republican should be credited as an actor's role as well). Plus there's 189 things where IMDB credits Trump as appearing as himself. This includes multiple WestleMania and WWF Raw appearances starting back in 2004 - showing Jon Stewart to be a Johnny Come Lately to the world of wrestling compared to the Donald.


  1. Your show has to better than 90% of current programming.

  2. I still say that a line-for-line remake of Miami Vice with Jose Canseco as Crockett and Darryl Strawberry as Tubbs with Joe Torre as the Edward James Olmos role would be a huge hit on Comedy Central.