Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Don Orsillo

The Red Sox and NESN have decided not to renew the contract of team TV play-by-play man Don Orsillo. "Not renewing the contract" is a euphemistic way of saying "fired' or in this case "ripped the guts out of". This move was completely unexpected by Red Sox fans and just as unwelcome.

For the past 15-years Orsillo has handled the job in an understated, professional, upbeat manner. As a person who travels and has seen and heard the play-by-play announcers of many other teams - I hope NESN viewers understand just how good we have had it this past decade and a half. Outside of American icon Vin Scully -  Don Orsillo may just be the best in baseball. He was so good that he made everyone forget that Sean McDonough ever preceded him (and McDonough is one of the best all-around play-by-play announcers in my lifetime).

Orsillo will land on his feet somewhere and he will make some team's fanbase very happy. But it won't be the same. Either for us Red Sox fans or for the New England born Orsillo. Because of this move I might have already watched my last Red Sox game of the season and because of the way they just treated Don Orillo - NESN can suck my balls! I hope their ratings tank the next six weeks for what they just did to the good-hearted Orsillo. I hope advertisers pull their commercials to send a message to the NESN brass that they just screwed up in a major way. I hope all of their genitals shrivel up and whither away (maybe that last part is over the top).

The ever classy Gordon Edes describes the situation in a much more professional manner (even though there's no declaration that NESN can suck his balls too - there is no disguising Edes' contempt for this move). I hope Red Sox fans also appreciate Edes because like Orsillo he's one of the best in the business.

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