Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Top 5 - Thoughts on President-Elect Trump

Holy Shit! Didn't see that coming - did you? Here's my Top 5 initial thoughts on a Trump Presidency.

1. I know many are going to wake this morning with the feeling that they are now living in a Stephen King novel. But in the real world there was no Christopher Walken in The Dead Zone to save the day. "The missiles are flying. Hallelujah! Hallelujah!" I know this new reality is scary for many people but in actuality President Trump is most likely going to have to delegate much of the day-to-day responsibilities both because he has no experience and also because I don't think that stuff interests him. Think a more disinterested Jimmy Carter instead of President Greg Stillson.

2. Paul Ryan as Speaker of the House is in position to become the real power for the next four years. Half the country hates Trump and the people who represent those people in Congress will be willing to reach across the aisle to vote for any measures Speaker Ryan puts forth that are viewed as keeping Trump in check. And if Ryan has eyes on a 2020 run for the White House this could be a very interesting dynamic.

3. Can you pardon yourself? I'm all for President Obama pardoning Hillary Clinton for the email business. That damage is done and even though it sends the wrong message that some people are above the law - it is probably best to move forward without long drawn out court proceedings. But will pardoning Clinton embolden President Trump to pardon himself? Can the President do that? Sorry everyone who went Trump University and everyone else suing him. How funny would it be if that was the real reason Trump ran for President in the first place - to pardon himself.

4. Cutting the cord. The biggest losers in last night's results (besides Hillary and the Clinton Foundation) are the MSM (Main Stream Media). They enabled Trump by giving him free air-time. They rooted Trump on because they thought he would be the easiest candidate for Hillary to beat. They have lost all credibility by slowly losing any veneer of being impartial over the years. They say that the two main reasons cable TV stays relevant is because of news and because of live sports. For many people watching the news just proved to be a gigantic waste of time. Those people in the media didn't know dick. And on top of that I'm guessing that Donald Trump will most likely demand being on TV almost full-time as President which will result in many more deciding they can watch their live sports at a local bar. Cutting the cord will be a much bigger thing in the next couple of years and the media having to then shed jobs will be the karma paid for the MSM shilling for Hillary.

5. It bugged me how much President Obama golfed during his Presidency but if President Trump wants to golf every day for the next four years - that's OK by me. It lessens the opportunities for him to do any damage at his now day job.

We have now gone from a man who served as Governor of a major state and had executive experience to a one-term Senator known for voting "Present" to a man who had never previously been elected to anything. I don't likey this trend.


  1. I agree up to a point about no likey.
    But what I and very, very obviously many others did not want was more of the same!
    And Hilary was definitely more of the same.
    I worry though that it may be too late in many cases.

  2. I would prefer that the Clintons and their associates pay for their crimes, but I would settle for them going away and never coming back.

    People used to be elected to office without knowing much about it all the time. I'm very interested to see how that works out.

    One thing is for sure, the American people put a stick way up the ass of the ruling class. I hope they spin on it for a while.

  3. One thing Americans hate is hypocrisy. What Hillary did with top secret emails was 1,000 times worse and more damaging to the security of the nation than what General David Patreaus did but it was Patreaus who got punished and fired.

    And that commercial Hillary's team ran just prior to the election about "the children are watching"? Yeah when your rapist husband was in office the children were also watching and learned that oral sex isn't really sex and how to use a cigar as a dildo. A pox on their house.

    If Trump does follow through with the "lock her up" pledge - I hope he really goes after everyone embraced by the Clinton tentacles.

    Or maybe I'm just really grumpy because I haven't had my coffee yet.