Thursday, November 03, 2016

Mount Whoredom

Long before Archer had Whore Island there was an actual Mount Whoredom.

Prostitution was so rampant in Boston in the 1770's that a British military cartographer marked the red light district in Boston as Mount Whoredom. The American troops surrounding Boston back then may have been short of military dress and ammunition but they were drinking about a bottle of rum a day - apiece. Viva the American way!

This may be one of those historical facts that only twisted minds like mine find interesting.

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  1. Apparently there was a prostitutes isle in London, pointed out during a Ripper tour. There was a bordello outside the City in the Middle Ages that was so popular that when the City grew to encompass it, was given legal standing by the good men of London so they could continue to enjoy it. The story goes that the statute was still in force during the Victorian Era, and that solicitation was legal in that area. We were told that prostitution was not illegal, but solicitation was, and the whores often took their johns there to work out the details of their business. We were also told that while the bordello had vanished centuries before, and a church built on the grounds, that the statute in question had not been rescinded until the 1960s.

    Whether it's true or not, it's a good story.