Monday, November 28, 2016

Arctic and Antarctic Ice Sheets

So the Arctic ice sheets are melting. But the Antarctic ice sheets are growing.

The skeptic in me wonders why the loss of ice mass in the North Pole is attributed to Global Warming (the science is settled) but the explanation for the ice gains in at the South Pole has many theories. Doesn't quite seem like proper science to me.

The historian in me wonders - hasn't this happened before? Isn't the Arctic ice melting before where stories of a semi-mythical Northwest Passage came from? And didn't the opposite effect of the Arctic ice growing so much that the Bering Straits were frozen solid give rise to the theory of that's how the first people originally came to North America come from?

The scientist in me wonders if this might be caused in part by the Earth changing from a magnetic North Pole to a magnetic South Pole. What about the change in Earth's tilt being an explanation? Maybe a combination of both and possibly other factors? Truth is scientists just don't know. More research is needed. But true science is not served if every result needs to be pre-determined to point to a man-made global catastrophe.

The science is not settled. Mankind has just scratched the surface of the science of how our climate works and the history of past changes.

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