Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Political Corruption


As I've gotten older I've become less and less political. I think that's because I've come to believe that both parties are equally rotten to the core. The current kerfuffle over Donald Trump's "conflict of interests" regarding his businesses and his duties as President is a perfect example of this.

Will foreign nations try to curry favor by staying at Trump hotels and playing golf at Trump resorts? Absolutely! Will they also try to curry favor by trying to do other business deals with him? Again - absolutely! I don't mind this so much because it is more out in the open and transparent then say a gift to the Clinton Foundation for example. Recently it was revealed that Norway has cut their donations to the Clinton Foundation by 90%. Is this because the Clinton Foundation has stopped doing worthwhile charitable things or because the power and influence of the Clinton's were crippled when Hillary lost the election?

The Trump University settlement? During the campaign it was made clear by the media that Trump University was a scam from top to bottom. But maybe if that same media hadn't tried to portray Mitt Romney as a bigoted, misogynist, shady business man the public might have believed them when a real bigoted, misogynist, shady business man actually appeared. Besides - I'm glad Trump did the right thing and settled the case so it wouldn't be hanging over his Presidency.

Going back to Trump's hotel business - am I the only one who remembers the stories written with glee about how Trump's campaign was hurting his business? Who is really surprised the opposite is happening now that he won? Besides for every foreign delegation - there's an NBA team or Hollywood star boycotting Trump properties.

It's the nature of the beast. Get over it!

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