Sunday, November 27, 2016

Tom Brady's 200th Win

Tom Brady goes for his 200th win today as a starting QB in the NFL. That would tie him with Peyton Manning for the most wins in NFL history. Brady could be reaching 200 wins in just 261 games. It took Manning 292 games.

Not only is this another data point in the argument that Brady is the greatest QB to ever walk the Earth - it also leads to some interesting drama. Will NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell be in attendance at the game against the Jets? Will there be a televised in-person congratulations from the commissioner if Brady wins the game? How cold will the reception be for Goodell in the Patriots locker room?

And even more interesting - would Roger Goodell dare to show up in Foxboro next week when Brady most surely will break the tie with Manning in the home game against the St. Louis LA Rams?

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