Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Flotsam and Jetsam

Miscellaneous thoughts and observations. 

Wonder what Division 1 AA football college teams (I refuse the call it FCS) will advertise that they will schedule games against Power 5 teams just for the big paydays of a million dollars plus but that they would split the payday with the players on the roster the day of the game. That would certainly help with recruiting for that team, "Sure we may get humiliated by Alabama but you walk away with $17K in your pocket." You know that day is shortly coming... Another example of why I'm such a big fan of Justice Clarence Thomas... Tom Brady is about to enter his 21st pro season. I wonder if Larry Bird, who played 13 seasons, was able to stretch things to 21 seasons (like Vince Carter) if he too would have changed teams?... Good for GameStop... Was thinking about this act of kindness and class the other day. In 1982 Red Auerbach used the Boston Celtics 10th round selection to pick Indiana's Landon Turner who was paralyzed shortly after Indiana won the NCAA title in 1981. Auerbach made the pick both as a favor to his friend Bobby Knight but also because it was a nice thing to do for a player who was sure to have been a first round selection before tragedy struck...  

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