Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Tom Hicks Steroids Comment

I have to laugh at the reaction to Rangers owner Tom Hicks saying, "Juan Gonzalez, for $24 million, after he came off steroids probably... we just gave that money away." I learned about the comment from watching Baseball Tonight on ESPN last night. Both John Kruk and Fernando Vina ripped Hicks for talking about Juan Gonzalez without having absolute proof of what he was saying.

Is there anyone out there who doesn't think Juan Gonzalez was a steroids user?

Kruk and Vina are examples of the law of omerta the grips players and former players when it comes to steroids. If they can't even bring themselves to admit that maybe Hicks has a legit grievance when it comes to Juan-gone then why shouldn't the public just make the assumption that all the baseball players of that period were steroids taking cheaters? Kruk and Vina included. If anyone even owners can't talk about obvious cases of steroids use then what's the point?

It is so bad that Jose Canseco keeps looking more and more like a paragon of honesty and integrity when compared to former players and baseball scribes who covered the steroids era. Think about that.

: You can find Hick's comments here. Thanks to Kent Chapline for the link

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