Thursday, March 19, 2020

Flotsam and Jetsam

Miscellaneous thoughts and observations.

I think one change that should be mandated across the country is to change all the signs that hang in bathrooms from "Employees must wash hands before to returning to work" to "Everyone must wash hands before leaving bathroom." Sad that we even need signs for basic hygiene... David Simon is my spirit animal... Proposed solution to help out restaurants and bars being stressed by Wuhan Virus closings - have States waive all 2020 sales and meal taxes so that bars and restaurants get an immediate cash cushion to help them through. If taxes have already been paid have State departments of revenue issue refund checks. Simple and elegant way to help out...  The Red Sox unofficial team song s Shipping up to Boston, the Patriots song is Ozzy Ozbourne's Crazy Train, and the Bruins is Zombie Nation. May I suggest with the signing of Tom Brady that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers adopt the Grateful Dead's Touch of Gray as their unofficial theme song (Carly Simon's Nobody Does It Better would also work but too mellow)... Proposed NCAA punishment for Rick Pitino for the wrong doings at Louisville that happened under his watch - require him to grow and maintain a Jeff Ruland mustache for as long as he's head coach of Iona... Who knew? Apparently among the new golf etiquette rules in the face of the Wuhan virus is to leave the flag in while putting so nobody has to touch the pin... 

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