Wednesday, May 05, 2021

Flotsam and Jetsam

Miscellaneous thoughts and observations.

If the Democrats succeed in making Washington DC a State then that means the Democrats think elected officials should have the right to ban dancing in an entire State by proclamation (even at weddings). But they'd be doing it for your own good!... Heh Heh (Flaming Barbells would also be a good name for a band)... "If you disagree with me that means you want to kill grandma."- Governor Andrew Cuomo. See how that works?.... Still blows my mind that Wade Boggs has his number retired by the Red Sox while Nomar Garciaparra does not. I also think the Red Sox ownership thought they could trade Mookie Betts with little PR fallout because they were "successful" in trading Nomar... The story of Basecamp deciding on a no-politics at work policy continues to fascinate me. First it's a 57-person company (or at least it was until a third of the company took severance to leave).How many 57-person companies get this amount of press? Could it be they've touched a nerve? This "inside look" at the company's all-hands meeting is amusing. One of the "sources" complains that the owners didn't listen to them just as the story describes how one of the founders spent two and a half hours answering any and all questions. The lack of self-awareness is classic. My guess is the company is much better off today with those who think their world view is all that matters out the door...  

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