Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Another Trial to Keep an Eye On

With the Kyle Rittenhouse trial over and both the Elizabeth Holmes / Theranos and the Ghislaine Maxwell trials just beginning - there's another trial on the horizon to put on your docket. The NFL's billion dollar mediation and trial with the City of St Louis is set to begin. The trial date has been set for January 10th.

The relocation lawsuit against Stan Kroenke and the Rams by the City of St. Louis looks to be a big loser for the NFL. Seems like Kroenke was in the wrong in picking up his team and moving it to Los Angeles. Also seems like he knew it when he promised the other NFL owners that he'd pay for any damages resulting from this lawsuit. But now it seems that Kroenke wants the other NFL owners to help pay for the damages - which could be a massive bill.

This will not go over well with the other team owners. Get your popcorn ready. This could be a doozy. 

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