Thursday, November 18, 2021

'Space Armageddon' and Putin's Threats to Ukraine

Putin senses weakness in the US military's reliance on satellites.

Russia's massive military buildup on the Ukraine border (more than 100,000 troops, tanks and heavy weapons) and Monday's antisatellite missile launch are very much related events according to the article. 

Vladimir Putin senses weakness. Both in the American leadership in Washington and the military's dependence on satellites. And he's not wrong. However, he may be making a big miscalculation. The US has a not-so-secret weapon in SpaceX who could rapidly launch replacement GPS satellites and whose Starlink service could be used by troops in the field.

Also, if Putin wanted to rally the US public to support action against Russia there could be no better way than messing with their GPS. If Putin were to knock out GPS for even a day there would be a political road-rage tsunami against Russian aggression.

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