Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Yale Bloated with Administrators

The growth of administrators at Yale is out of control. Increase in tuition charges leads to the hiring of more, and more administrators. Which leads to an increase in tuition charges. "Yale's administrators today exceeds the number of faculty - 5,066 compared to 4,937." That's mind blowing to me.

All these administrators have created competing fiefdoms and none of these fiefdoms are interested in giving up personnel or power. The expansion of the medical facilities is a valid explanation for some of the growth but this is ridiculous. And there is ZERO evidence that this has led to a better educational experience. Actually the opposite as these power hungry fiefdoms have led to a series of controversies at the university.  

Yale may be past the point of no return. Perhaps at this point they should just change the school mascot from the bulldog to the Vogon (too obscure?). 


  1. There are more professors than undergrads. And more admins than professors.

    This is not how a successful business is run. At least, not if they're in the business of teaching undergrads...

  2. And everything is either underwritten by the government or by student loans which cannot be discharged in bankruptcy. It's a scam.