Saturday, January 22, 2022

Congress' 1/6 Committee Claims Absolute Power

Glenn Greenwald is correct as he lays out how the Congressional 1/6 Committee is trampling civil liberties. He is also right to compare them to to Joe McCarthy and to HUAC. Problem is, due to the poor education these past few decades, how many people understand what HUAC was and why it was such a threat to civil liberties? 

I also couldn't help but wonder if after the 2022 elections if such a committee could be turned on its head and be used to investigate Antifa and any who gave support or comfort to Antifa (like donating to bail funds). Of course this would require finding a Judas goat or two from the Democrats to give the veneer of bipartisanship - the way Liz Cheney has done for the 1/6 committee. If that was to happen can you imagine the outrage in the media about how such an investigation was blatantly un-Constitutional? 

Evil - pure evil.

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