Friday, January 14, 2022

What a World

Some historical vignettes from Morgan Housel.

The one about Kingsford Charcoal was perhaps my favorite. 


  1. I keep mentioning that you should take MH with a grain of salt, because he is lazy on the easy things to check. Another example here. Michael Lewis's second book came out 2 years (The Money Culture - 1991) after Liar's Poker (1989). if he cannot get that right, why would I take him seriously on anything else?

  2. I take everyone I read now with a grain of salt. Sad to say.

    1. if it helps, I don't think he is malicious, just lazy

  3. To be honest - I have read some material either he or others at his firm have posted that has made me scratch my head. I think his politics are different than mine and I think that accounts for some of it. Either he or I see an emperor in beautiful clothes while the other sees the emperor naked.