Wednesday, January 05, 2022

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Fake News

Reason has a look at how the media is negatively portrayed in the Harry Potter universe. This is a drum I've been beating for a long time.

From 2005Daily Prophet = NY Times and the MSM. The fifth book (which came out during the 2004 campaign) shows the Daily Prophet clearly taking sides against Dumbledore and Harry Potter, taking every opportunity to ridicule them. Of course The Daily Prophet has never admitted they were wrong for their blatant partisanship.

From this past JulyWonder if the generation(s) raised on Harry Potter books have a deeper and more willing distrust of the media because of the way The Daily Prophet was portrayed in the books? It didn't exactly paint journalists and newspapers in the best light.

Like the youths who grew up on the Harry Potter universe don't watch network news or read newspapers in real life, if there was an 8th book I'd guess that readership of the Daily Profit who probably be down by half because people no longer trusted them as a news source. 

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