Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Starkink for RV's Now Available

Starlink for RV's is now available. I predicted this would happen when SpaceX's Starlink service was first announced.

There are roughly 9 million RV's in US with 1 million of those being the full time home for the RV owner. If just 1 million RV owners sign up for Starlink on a full-time basis - that's an additional $1.3 billion in yearly revenue for SpaceX.

Don't be surprised if Starlink for boats and yachts is also announced sometime soon. 


  1. Anonymous5:05 AM

    Don't think it will work well for boats. Need stable surface to connect to a satellite.

  2. Very true but that stable point could be where the dock meets the land or a remote marina could have multiple Starlink connections to serve the various boats docked there. Also keep in mind that Starlink is being adapted to provide Internet service for airplanes. So the stable surface requirement is probably being minimized or eliminated. A boat out on a calm sea is more stable than a plane traveling hundreds of miles per hour.