Wednesday, March 03, 2010

A Confession but Not an Apology

I need to get something off my chest - I bet on the Canadian hockey team on Sunday. There I said it. This does not make me a traitor or a bad American. In my mind - it just means that I've finally realized that the purpose of placing bets is to win money (like last week when I took Cleveland over the Celtics).

Let's face it - the Canadian hockey team was just more talented than the American team. All I had to give up for an even money bet was one goal. I thought that an excellent bet and I took it. That doesn't mean I wasn't conflicted. I justified things to myself by saying my bet had no impact on the outcome (and it doesn't). I said to myself that "hey I bet on the American team on Friday." I saw Don Cherry wearing a pin supporting the troops and found some mental solace in that tidbit.

Besides - I thought this bet was a mortal lock! A sure thing! And it very nearly was.

Let's face it - the two goals the US scored were flukey. The first one should have been an offsides call and the puck just trickled through under Luongo's arm and uniform. He makes that save 99 out of 100 times. The second goal came with just seconds to play. The Canadian team should have flipped the puck at the empty net by then.

I will admit to rooting for the USA during overtime but wasn't too disappointed when Sid the Kid scored the winning goal since it meant a push for my bet.

If the same opportunity came up again. I'd make the same bet again. Probably for more money. I make no apologies.

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