Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Flotsam and Jetsam

Miscellaneous thoughts and observations.

Just before waking this morning I dreamt that the guys from Sun Life sabotaged a nuclear power plant in order to boost their company's name recognition... I love the story of the "pudding guy." I had never heard about the guy who turned $3,000 in pudding into 31 round trip air tickets to Europe. Awesome... Damn - yesterday was Beer Day and I didn't know it!... Derek Lowe may be the Opening Day starter for the Braves but he's probably their #3 starter in reality... Whenever my friend is disappointed in something he says "That's crap!" I've decided to instead say "That's carp!" in similar circumstances... Why was everyone so worried about Tsunamis? Barack Obama promised to keep the oceans waters from rising if he got elected. He keeps his promises!... The Cardinals signed Felipe Lopez to a cheap contract but they may regret it. You'll never hear anyone describe Lopez as a "veteran clubhouse presence." You will more likely hear someone describe him as a douchebag...

- Jimmy Kimmel's Unnecessary Censorship Sesame Street edition

- Alaskan Bill Howell Wins 2010 Beerdrinker Of The Year. I have to enter this contest!

- Cool! A Silent Rotor Blade Paves the Way for Super-Stealth Choppers

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