Saturday, March 06, 2010

Ed Wade

How are you spending your Saturday morning? In between catching up on work email and reports - I'm going to take a look at the job Ed Wade has done as GM of the Houston Astros. My curiosity in checking out Wade was sparked by a semi-defense of Wade by Richard Justice who I respect as one of the best baseball writers in the country.

As a Red Sox fan I'm a bit biased against Wade since when in Philadelphia he traded Curt Schilling and he fired Terry Francona as manager. Plus when I've posted about Ed Wade in the past:

As in here.

And here.

I haven't been kind to Ed Wade. I think the phrase I used was "jerkface loser." Richard Justice's semi-defense makes me wonder if I was being too unkind. I went over the depth chart of the team and I have to say my opinion of Ed Wade hasn't changed.

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