Monday, March 29, 2010

Franken Unfunny

I've never found Al Franken funny. This video of him more than confirms that the Senator from Acorn is a dullard.

This is how I imagine the conversation going with a Senator with a sense of humor.

Reporter: Senator - are you aware of the $7 billion in the bill for jungle gym equipment?
Senator w/ a Sense of Humor: First off - the term jungle gym is considered politically incorrect. Most of the equipment is made from plastics and anyone with common sense knows that you don't get plastics from the jungle. For me to even infer that would get me a strongly worded letter from the Sierra Club. Secondly, anyone with a classical education can tell you that the word "gym" is short for gymnasium which in Ancient Greece is where young men wrestled each other in the nude. You aren't suggesting our youth wrestle each other in the nude are you?
Reporter: No. Of course not.
Senator W/ a Sense of Humor: Good because that would make you a weirdo.
Reporter: But Senator what about the $7 billion?
Senator w/ a Sense of Humor: Normally I'm all about fiscal responsibility but since the kids will be the ones paying for all this crap in the bill - I say let them have their playground equipment. I'm just surprised someone thought to put anything in there for them in the first place.

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