Thursday, August 08, 2019

Money in Politics

For years I've heard that we need to get big money out of the political process. I guess each party doxxing the other party's major donors would be one way to accomplish this goal.

Though I think the people trying to shame Trump donors haven't thought this through.

If that's OK then I'm guessing it's perfectly fine for the ADL to publicly dox anyone who gave money to Ilhan Omar's campaign and portray them as people who are actively supporting anti-Semitism and Sharia Law.

Or for an opponent of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to publicly dox anyone who donated to AOC's campaign as being complicit is driving away Amazon's proposed headquarters from the district and costing 25,000 much needed jobs.

Under these new rules all that is fine - right?

This reminds me of when Harry Reid used the "nuclear option" to eliminate filibusters on executive branch appointments and federal judicial appointments. How's that short term thinking working for the Democrats as Mitch McConnell uses the new rules of the game Reid implemented to help President Trump install more Federal (Republican) judges than any President in history.

I would also be perfectly fine with taking away the tax deduction status of all political donations. It's nobody's business if I buy a large Hawaiian pizza from Dominos. When Dominos reports their earnings as required by law - they don't publicly report individual purchases by customer. So I don't have to worry about people doxxing me because I happen to like the combination of pineapple and ham (which I know some people view as an abomination in the eyes of the Lord). Likewise politicians would report how much money they raised but not from which individuals.

The big drawback to this suggestion could be the unfettered influx of foreign money.

Of course the simple solution would be for EVERYONE to just stop giving money to these assholes altogether (or all together which may fit better). Then maybe, just maybe, elected officials would have to run on their accomplishments and how they've helped their constituents and not on attack ads and much of the crap we deal with today.

Just a thought.


  1. Anonymous5:40 PM

    It'll will never happen, but I propose no limits on donations BUT
    80% of every dollar for federal elections go to pay down the National Debt. Same for State Elections, 80% to State debt or rainy day fund. 50% of Local donations, same deal. All campaign debts have to be resolved within 5 years of election. No roll-over from campaign to campaign. Any positive balances are use it or lose it... after date of election those balance go to respective debt funds. If you run a deficit, you have to liquidate personal assets, except of one house, one car and retirement accounts. In other words, like everyone else on the planet gets treated by the medical monopolies....

    This should continue until each federal, state and local municipality has 50% of their annual spend in surplus, at which time the ratio may be modified downward to no less than 50%.
    If the Koch Bros and Barbara Streisand/Cher want to make common cause to pay down the debt, I can live with that. and if a couple of Professional POLS have to fall on their metaphorical swords financially, so much the better. Make idiots think twice before running for office.

  2. Good idea but the problem is if politicians think their campaign contributions are going into the national coffer then those same politicians would be even more willing to run up higher and higher debts.

    But as you say - it would never happen because the politicians would have to be the ones to vote it into existence.