Thursday, November 08, 2007

Astros Trade Lidge to Phillies

Yes it was a 5-player trade but really this trade was all about Brad Lidge. The Phillies are the big winner in this trade. The Astros fans are the losers.

The Phillies get a closer with great stuff who can sometimes be a bit wild but they don't give up any of their top prospects. Almost more importantly they get to move Brett "they just don't F'n listen" Myers back to the rotation. This year a decent 3rd or 4th starter will cost at least $6 million per year in a multi-year deal. Lidge will probably only cost the Phillies $6 million for 1-year. Then he's likely to leave as a free agents and the Phillies will probably get 2 high draft picks when he walks out the door. Those draft picks will basically cancel out the prospects the Phillies sent to Houston. A patient man could argue that the Phillies are basically getting Lidge for free.

For the Astros - this is a salary dump as much as anything. Sure they get to say they are getting a speedy centerfielder in Michael Bourn but really what they are doing is a pure salary dump. They just saved $6 million from their bottom line. Michael Bourn.

Watch as the Astros talk about pursuing this free agent or that free agent. Don't bet on them signing any big names though. The Astros are cutting salary this year - not adding it.

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