Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Schilling and Pettitte

Some news on the status of two veteran pitchers that reflects the status of the two franchises as well as the status of the pitchers themselves.

First, Rob Bradford - a very reliable source - reports that a one year deal to bring Curt Schilling back to the Sox is in the process of getting done. Schilling had been asking for a 1-year $13 million deal. It seems that he's going to have to accept something less than that if Schilling wants to stay.

Meanwhile, Andy Pettitte has declined his option with the Yankees. Supposedly Pettitte is still trying to decide if he wants to play next year or retire. I may be cynical but I'm guessing whether or not the Yankees are able to re-sign Jorge Posada to catch his games and Mariano Rivera to close his games will have a big impact on whether Pettitte wants to come back to the Bronx for another year.

I just find the juxtaposition of the two situations amusing. Schilling is practically begging to come back to the World Champion Red Sox and is willing to take a a below market contract to do so while Pettitte wants to watch the turmoil in the Bronx unfold a bit more before deciding what to do. It's amusing to see how Boston has become the stable franchise where players want to play in order to have the best chance to win a ring while the Yankees are quickly becoming the Baltimore Orioles.

It should also be noted that Pettitte has said he either will play in pinstripes next year or retire but has still filed his free agency papers. It would be a huge mistake for the Yankees not to offer Pettitte arbitration. Remember a couple of years ago when Clemens said he was retiring (the first time) and then turned around and signed with Houston? Because the Yankees took Roger at his word and did not offer him arbitration - they cost themselves two top draft picks.

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