Thursday, November 08, 2007

Yankees Offer A-Rod Arbitration

Oh my goodness gracious. Of all the dramatic things I've seen in my life - Alex Rodriguez is in the owners box getting the Yankees a sandwich (pick).

This is a no-brainer move by Brian Cashman. The Yankees will get a 1st round pick plus a sandwich pick from the team that signs A-Rod (making A-Rod even less attractive to teams that value draft picks like the Red Sox). Now Cashman just has to offer Andy Pettitte arbitration just to insure he doesn't have a Roger Clemens recurrence (where the player says he's going to retire - then poof - signs with another team).

No draft is as much of a crap shoot as the baseball draft but it should be remembered that the draft is the way to get young players into the system. It should also be noted that the Red Sox used the sandwich pick they received for Pedro Martinez signing with the Mets to draft Clay Buchholz. If the Yankees had offered Roger Clemens arbitration they could have had two shots to draft an impact pitcher. Can you imagine what the Yankees could have done this year with the equivalent of another Phillip Hughes or a Clay Buchholz?

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