Thursday, November 15, 2007

Throwing Stuff Against the Wall - Take II

Here's a prime example of journalistic standards being thrown out the window during the hot stove season. No by-line and no named source. Yup - every reason in the world to take this report as the Gospel truth. Just for the heck of it - let's deconstruct this report.
7Sports has learned that Mike Lowell has received contract offers from four separate MLB teams: the Braves, Angels, Cardinals, and Yankees.
For those outside of New England - WHDH subscribes to the Inside Edition-type school of pop journalism. So right away - you have to take everything with a grain of salt. Now consider the teams:

Braves - they already have Chipper Jones at 3rd and at his age I'm sure he doesn't want to move to the outfield and Chipper can't move to 1st because Atlanta has Mark Teixeira for at least one more year. With limited financial resources signing Lowell just doesn't make any sense.

Angels - this sort of makes sense. The Angels were very interested in A-Rod so they may be trying to bed Lowell on the rebound. However, Lowell projects to a .280 batting average, 15-20 HR guy playing in Anaheim. Those are Chone Figgins-type numbers and they already have Chone Figgins.

Cardinals - they have Scott Rolen clogging the way at 3rd and I'm doubtful they would sign Lowell before dealing with that situation first.

Yankees - of course the Yankees have to be brought into the discussion about any "name" free agent. How else are you going to jack up the contract price?
A source close to the Lowell side of the negotiations tells 7Sports that each offer is a 4-year contract, worth between $55-60 million.
So basically this "information" is coming from Lowell's agent. Hmmm... no possible agenda there.
The Yankees offer includes a request that Lowell play First Base, something the Gold-Glove-winning third baseman does not want to do.
So if this is coming from Lowell's agent - this is their way of saying Lowell does not want to play for the Yankees. This is good news for Red Sox fans.
The Red Sox have previously offered Lowell a 3-year contract worth $36 million.

Lowell is now waiting to see if the Red Sox will up their initial offer and try to keep him in Boston, in lieu of these newest offers from the four previously mentioned teams.
Translation - "please trust us that other teams have offered Mike 4-year deals. Just add in one more year and he'll sign. Mike just wants to stay in Boston."

My guess is that a deal gets done and the Red Sox sign Lowell to a 3-year deal with a vesting 4th year option. So let it be written - so let it be done.

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