Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Who is Today's Bette Davis?

I learned today that Bette Davis went to Cushing Academy in Ashburnham, Mass. Now Bette Davis was before my time but that doesn't mean that I didn't grow up knowing who she was. She was a star. She could be caricatured in a Bugs Bunny cartoon and everyone would know who she was by the rings around the eyes and a vamping, "What a dump!" (I have no idea where that phase came from but I do remember it from the Bugs Bunny cartoons.)

I got to thinking about who would be today's equivalent to Bette Davis and I admit to coming up blank. Can you think of any female star today that you would recognize if the Simpsons or South Park parodied them? Any star today worthy of being remembered in a pop song like Kim Karnes' Bette Davis Eyes?

We don't have "stars" today - we have celebrities. People who would look good in makeup commercials but who just don't impress me as being too talented. Famous for being pretty.

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