Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Hot Stove Flotsam and Jetsam

Miscellaneous baseball thoughts and observations.

The Washington Nationals forgotten man has to be 1st baseman Nick Johnson who missed all of last season with complications that arose from a broken leg. Johnson is known as a player with a sweet swing and even better plate discipline but who just can't stay healthy. The Nationals signed Dmitri Young to an extension so Nick Johnson's $5.5 million contract may very well be in play. Who needs a 1st baseman or a DH?... Speaking of the Nationals - they seem intent on making a splash signing a centerfielder (Torii Hunter is the hot rumor). I wonder where that leaves Ryan Church? Maybe - just maybe - if the Red Sox fail to sign Mike Lowell at 3rd and the Nationals cannot land the "name" free agent CF - then the Red Sox and Nationals could do a Coco Crisp for Nick Johnson and Ryan Church deal. The Red Sox could then move Kevin Youkilis to 3rd, hope for the best health-wise with Johnson at 1st and have a solid 4th outfielder in Church. Of course this won't happen because the Red Sox will re-sign Mike Lowell (to a reasonable 3-year $40 million contract)... Who has had the harder time over the years? The Twins trying to fill 3rd base or the Phillies trying to fill the closer role?.... Will anyone be surprised if the St. Louis Cardinals completely implode next season? Not me... If I were a team that needed a 3rd baseman - I would approach the Pirates about what they would want for Freddy Sanchez... Finally let me say this about the Red Sox re-signing Curt Schilling - GOOD! This was such a no-brainer from the Red Sox point of view. Schilling was the top available free agent pitcher on the market and he just wanted one year. Good for Schilling for choosing the lifestyle and family considerations over the take the money and run approach. The Red Sox are in a great position right now. Their big need is to sign their 3rd baseman (who also wants to stay put) and find a back-up catcher. The Red Sox also have the prospects available to make a deal for a Johan Santana or Miguel Cabrera. Good time to be a Red Sox fan...

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