Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Bagwell vs. the Crime Dog

Here's a look at the case for Jeff Bagwell and the Hall of Fame. The story tries to take a middle-road - neither pro nor con. Whenever I see these things though I just have to point out how Bagwell compares to Fred McGriff:

- McGriff has more career HR, RBI and total bases.
- Bagwell has an MVP Award but McGriff has a World Series Ring. Both finished top 10 in MVP voting 6 times and both won 3 Silver Slugger awards at first base.
- McGriff was a post season monster with 10 HR in 10 series and a post season batting average of .303 and an OPS of .917. Bagwell had 2 HR in 9 post season series and hit an anemic .226 with a .675 OPS.

I have to wonder why you never see articles about Fred McGriff's case for the Hall of Fame?

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