Sunday, August 01, 2010

Johnny Damon - Hall of Famer?

Amid his Sunday Baseball Notes - Nick Carfardo offers this throw away line, "Johnny Damon is getting more and more support for Hall of Fame consideration."

Really? Is Carfardo serious? Or is he just giving Damon a nod while protecting himself by saying "consideration" instead of "support" because Johnny Damon is clearly not a Hall of Fame player. Damon is not in the top 50 for any offensive category and is well-known as a noodle-arm on defense. Jim Edmonds has a much better claim. Dwight Evans had a much better claim.

Combining Johnny Damon and Hall of Fame in the same sentence is perhaps the silliest thing I've seem Carfardo commit to print. I like reading Nick but come on. If Carfardo needed to boost his word count he could used Mad Libs to come up with a more coherent sentence.

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