Sunday, August 15, 2010

Two Jonathans

Jonathan Broxton has been demoted by Joe Torre and the Dodgers from his role as the team's closer. Fans in Boston are hoping Terry Francona does the same to Jonathan Papelbon.

Broxton - 3.42 ERA / 47.1 IP / 21 Saves / 5 Blown Saves
Papelbon - 3.20 ERA / 50.2 IP / 29 Saves / 6 Blown Saves

Papelbon's 6 blown saves are 4 more than either Tampa Bay's or New York's closers. If the Red Sox had those 4 games back then they would be tied for the Wild Card with the Rays and would be just 2 games back from the Yankees in the AL East. If the Red Sox miss the payoffs then Papelbon's poor performance will be the main reason in my mind. If the Red Sox miss the playoffs this year - then look for the front office to trade Papelbon in the offseason.

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