Friday, August 20, 2010

Roger Clemens - the Texas Con Man

Two thoughts on the recent Roger Clemens news.

First, Clemens getting indicted will hopefully remind people that the late great Will McDonough had Clemens pegged years ago when he nicknamed him "the Texas Con Man." I hope that nickname comes back into use with proper attribution. Although I'm guessing that even McDonough didn't think with the threat of jail time hanging over Clemens that the nickname could become literal.

Speaking of nicknames, yesterday Clemens once again announced his innocence this time via his Twitter account. I found this amusing because Clemens "signed" the Tweet. It's your Twitter account - there's no need to sign it. It already says @RogerClemens. Also signing it "Rocket" instead of Roger shows a huge ego. I mean who refers to themselves by their nickname? I could see Chipper Jones doing it because that was his "name" growing up but Rocket? I just found that small detail amusing and telling at the same time. They say that pride goeth before a fall and I'm guessing thinking of yourself in the third person using a nickname given because your fastball announced itself with authority is a tipoff to a tremendous amount of pride (or delusion).

It's like Clemens is determined to combine the Tim Robbins roles in Bull Durham and Cadillac Man in real life.

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