Saturday, August 07, 2010

State Farm Commercials

State Farm Insurance is currently running two commercials - one aimed at men and one aimed at women. Comparing the two commercials makes me laugh.

In the women's commercial the car is dinged but the girl owner has no worries because all she has to do is say out loud the State Farm jingle, "Like a good neighbor - State Farm is there" and the handsome State Farm rep magically appears. Her friends then specify what kind of handsome rep they really want (for an insurance providing relationship).

In the men's commercial the State Farm rep is pretty but the friends don't want her - they want the hot girl from the other apartment in the building. They do want the girl State Farm rep to get them a sandwich though. That's funny!

As an aside - the girls final choice is for a handsome rep with a dark side. What if his dark side was really dark - like wanting to rape and kill girls who submit insurance claims?

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